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Since most teams haven't been able to finish their builds quite yet, we have decided to extend the MBO by 48 hours. There will be the final end time. No more time extensions after those 48 hours.

The judging stream is of course also moved by 48 hours.

Good luck with finishing your builds!

Hey everybody!

It's finally time for another Mega Build Off. If you want info on what a MBO is then check this thread. I hope to see the best builders compete!

We also have a large update on Chest Hunt since Hyperpony has decided to make some info public. Check out the new info and the new hint here.

Good luck with building and searching!


Slight update

Flexo013 a posted Jul 20, 16

Just so you guys know. I will be on a one week holiday to Sweden (yay laughing). This means that I won't be available to help on the server or handle creative applications. Don't worry though; I will do these when I am back home (on the 29th). Economy applications will be handled by John and Kate.

In the meantime if you need help with anything you can contact the rest of staff through Discord.

Have a good week and don't burn the server down while I'm gone wink


P.S.: There's a new hint for the Chest Hunt and the finder will receive 600 Enjin Points!

The first chest of the Chest Hunt has been found! The new hint is posted on the forum thread.

Which you can find here.

Donation Summer Sale!

Flexo013 a posted Jul 3, 16

We're having a sale in our Donation Store! All packages are 20% cheaper! This sale runs until the 11th of July.

Store link!

mrhilp Great time for me to get those personal warps. Thanks for this great sale.
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