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Server Downtime

katemania a posted Sep 24, 16

Server is back, everything is fixed!

Hello everyone,

As some of you notice, the server is down right now. This is because the server was hacked earlier today. The server will be down until at least monday, when flexo gets back.

Hope to see you guys then!

Yoshi57 @ Creative
Dont worry guys the servers back
LudwigVonPhoenix I reformat my computer and then...
creeprking101 So that's why I couldn't connect.....
Congratulations to our winners, and a big thank you to everybody who competed! Here are the results:
  • 1st: TheEggManLives, with his No Man's Sky Planet! You win 80 Enjin Points in the store

  • 2nd: BobbyJoe876, with his Slime World! You win 40 Enjin Points in the store, and you have been awarded with the [Craftsman] rank.

  • 3rd: Hyperpony, with his Void Mushroom World! You win 20 Enjin Points in the store.
We also have 3 honorable mentions, that were really great, but just didn't make the top 3!
  • I: Zenguin15823, with his White Planet!

  • II: Shiii, with her Unknown Warrior's Tower!

  • III: Torzod, with his Crystal Core! 
Thanks to everybody for participating in the Build Off!
P.S.: If you want your Build Off build saved in one of the creative worlds, then you need to contact me. I will move your build for you.

News Dump

Flexo013 a posted Aug 31, 16

Time for a news update on a ton of things:

Let me start this off with apologizing for my inactivity on the server lately. I've been busy hanging out with friends and doing all kinds of holiday things. Sadly my activity on the server is not likely to increase in the next few months as university starts again next week, which means that I'll have a lot less free time.

Orendigo is in a similar situation. He will not be able to spend much time (if any) on the server. The result being that you will not see many server events or updates that are normally done by Ore and me. We simply do not have the time. I will try to keep running the Build Off when I can, but that's about it.

Update on the Chest Hunt: NateByte has found the second chest. Now there is only 1 chest left to find. The first person to find that chest wins a whopping 600 Enjin Points in the store! Thanks again for your generous donations, mrhilp, WalooW, YoshiBoy57, and NiteMC!

You can find info on the second chest here.

I have mentioned in the past that I was waiting with the regeneration of Phey till somebody found the second chest. (Since it would be hard to find another world with Bryce Mesa and a mineshaft in the same location.) Now that this has happened I have started the regeneration of Phey. It should be done by the end of the day. Feel free to explore the world and, yes, the final Chest Hunt chest has been placed in this new world already.

Last weekend there was supposed to be a Build Off, but I was not able to set everything up properly. The Build Off is now this weekend. That is the 3rd of September. You can find info on the Build Off here. You can join right now!

Finally I completely forgot to post the results of the Mega Build Off after the stream, so here they are. Better late than never:

The Mega Build Off was a blast. We had amazing builds! Next year we will have another special Build Off during summer. It might however be a tad different from the MBO. These are the winners of the 2016 Mega Build Off:
  • 1st: Harki42, with his City Cathedral! You win 150 Enjin Points in the store and you can add your name to the Build Off Winners board!

  • 2nd: mrhilp, Mikiaa, and FabuJess, with their Crimson Cathedral! You each win 40 Enjin Points in the store.

  • 3rd: WalooW, and 99BlackSun99 with their PC Master Race Cathedral! You each win 45 Enjin Points in the store. 
We also had 3 honorable mentions, that were really great, but just didn't make the top 3!
  • I: creeprking101, SaucyPasta22, and mojamahem, with their Cathedral!

  • II: the_Redpanda523 with their City!

  • III: Takanuva5x, with his Gothic Monastery!
Thanks to everybody for participating in the Build Off!
P.S.: If you want your Mega Build Off build saved in one of the creative worlds, then you need to contact me. I will move your build for you.

That was all the news for today. Hopefully I didn't forget anything.
BobbyJoe876 @ Creative
I thought you said that me and Christyswifty got 5th in the stream... ;-;

Since most teams haven't been able to finish their builds quite yet, we have decided to extend the MBO by 48 hours. There will be the final end time. No more time extensions after those 48 hours.

The judging stream is of course also moved by 48 hours.

Good luck with finishing your builds!

Hey everybody!

It's finally time for another Mega Build Off. If you want info on what a MBO is then check this thread. I hope to see the best builders compete!

We also have a large update on Chest Hunt since Hyperpony has decided to make some info public. Check out the new info and the new hint here.

Good luck with building and searching!


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